A very busy wedding week.. wedding no1.

We had the most weddings in one week last week some of them just simple bouquets but others with 11 tables and moss walls and although I personally only had 7 hours sleep in the whole weekend looking back on them it was truly worth it.

The first wedding was on a Wednesday at the beautiful www.greatfosters.co.uk for Becca and Steve.

Here are just a few pictures from the first one. 

Becca's Bridal bouquet - one of my kiwi vine and copper mesh frames all hand made and filled with what used to be my guilty pleasure - Dahlia - but luckily styles have changed once more and I now feel there is nothing to feel guilty about. 

Steve's button hole was the challenge for this wedding making a miniature snowboard at first I tried with oak shavings but the curved edges were not prominent enough so I turned to my trusted old style of wire and banana bark finishing it off with a echeveria succulent. all made possible with a hidden magnet.

Thank you for looking -