Cinderella themed Baby shower

When a client just simply gives you a brief of Cinderella the ideas are endless... sadly like most events it all comes down to time but for the time we had I was pleased with what we achieved.

The event was held in the beautiful barn at Skylark 

We started at the entrance to welcome the girls with a glass of champagne ... which called for my champagne tree, with a back drop of moss, hanging silver slippers and a pink floral base 

Champagne tree - with mossed wall


On the opposite side of the barn I created a simple moss wall with touches of manzanita branches to the sides holding pink Hydrangea having a back drop to the wonderful harpest 

Moss wall 3 panels


We then had a little fun with the photo booth - Although my dark side warmed to the pumpkin I had to remind myself this was a baby shower .. pretty and pink so we kept to the carriage 

Open Photo Booth banana bark Carriage


Finally for the tables where the girls would sit and eat , keeping it low but still in the same theme small moss ball carriages on a bed of moss and pink floral content

Carriage table centres


A very busy wedding week.. wedding no1.

We had the most weddings in one week last week some of them just simple bouquets but others with 11 tables and moss walls and although I personally only had 7 hours sleep in the whole weekend looking back on them it was truly worth it.

The first wedding was on a Wednesday at the beautiful for Becca and Steve.

Here are just a few pictures from the first one. 

Becca's Bridal bouquet - one of my kiwi vine and copper mesh frames all hand made and filled with what used to be my guilty pleasure - Dahlia - but luckily styles have changed once more and I now feel there is nothing to feel guilty about. 

Steve's button hole was the challenge for this wedding making a miniature snowboard at first I tried with oak shavings but the curved edges were not prominent enough so I turned to my trusted old style of wire and banana bark finishing it off with a echeveria succulent. all made possible with a hidden magnet.

Thank you for looking - 


I finally have a blog..

I'll be honest with you all, I'm not overly good with technology. 

I can get by with my iPad and such but when it comes to websites and other stuff, I feel lost. 

Thankfully, a mate of mine has helped setup my brand new website that you're looking at now and it has a lovely and easy blog tool so I can blog to my hearts content! 

It's going to be lovely to be able to share more than one or two images like I do on Instagram and be able to really write about each wedding and give you more of an insight into my wonderful floral world!! 

- Owen.